Monday, August 7, 2017

Open Access Ancient Language Textbooks and Primers

Open Access Textbooks and Language Primers relating to the ancient world
Additional resources of thus type are accessible through the  Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs) Project pages at the University of Minnesota.

And see also Lexicity
And see also  Smarthistory, a "multi-media web-book designed as a dynamic enhancement (or even substitute) for the traditional art history textbook"

Textkit has a huge library of Greek and Latin textbooks

Learn Ancient Greek

Listed below is Textkit’s entire collection of Ancient Greek textbooks. All books are made available for full and free download in PDF format.

Greek Answer Keys

First Greek Book Key, John Williams White
First Greek Writer Key, Arthur Sidgwick
Greek Prose Composition Key, North and Hillard
Greek Prose Composition Key, Arthur Sidgwick

Greek Composition Textbooks

First Greek Writer, Arthur Sidgwick
Greek Prose Composition, North and Hillard
Selections from the Septuagint, Conybeare and Stock

Greek Lexicon/Dictionary

Greek Reading Text

Easy Selections From Plato, Arthur Sidgwick

Greek Reference Grammars

Greek Grammar, William W. Goodwin
Greek Grammar, Herbert Weir Smyth

Greek Textbooks

A First Greek Course, Sir William Smith
First Greek Book, John Williams White
First Greek Grammar Accidence, W. Gunion Rutherford
First Greek Grammar Syntax, W. Gunion Rutherford
NT Greek in a Nutshell, James Strong

Learn Latin

Listed below is Textkit’s entire collection of Latin textbooks. All books are made available for full and free download in PDF format.

Latin Answer Keys

Latin for Beginner’s Key, Benjamin L. D’Ooge

Latin Prose Composition Key, North and Hillard

Latin Composition Textbooks

A New Latin Prose Composition, Charles E. Bennett

Latin Prose Composition, North and Hillard

Latin Reading Text

Caesar’s Civil War in Latin, Charles E. Moberly

Cicero Select Orations, Benjamin L. D’Ooge

Selections From Ovid, Allen & Greenough

The Phormio of Terence in Latin, Fairclough and Richardson

Latin Reference Grammars

A Latin Grammar, Charles E. Bennett

New Latin Grammar, Allen & Greenough

Latin Textbooks

Beginner’s Latin Book, Collar and Daniell

Latin For Beginners, Benjamin L. D’Ooge

Thursday, July 27, 2017

More volumes from Orbis Biblicus et Orientalis

Seven additional volumes of Orbis Biblicus et Orientalis have been released:

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Open access journals from JURN

The aggregator JURN has hundreds of open-access journals. Here are those under the category Religion: Christian Denominations:
Acta Theologica.
American Monastic Newsletter.
Anabaptist Witness.
Asbury Journal, The.
Australian Religion Studies Review.
Bohemian Reformation and Religious Practice.
Boleswa Journal of Theology, Religion and Philosophy.
Boleswa Occasional Papers in Theology and Religion.
Catholic Education : a journal of enquiry and practice.
Charis : a Journal of Lutheran Scholarship.
Catholic Education.
Chinese Theological Review.
Christian History Magazine.
Churchman (1989 - 2005).
Collectanea Christiana Orientalia.
Contra Mundum.
Conversations on Jesuit Higher Education.
Covenant Quarterly, The.
Denison Journal of Religion.
Denver Journal, The.
Dutch Reformed Theological Journal.
Ecclesiology Today.
Global Missiology English.
Harvard Divinity Bulletin.
Historical Papers : Canadian Society of Church History.
HTS Theological Studies.
Holiness (Methodists).
Hugoye : Journal of Syriac Studies.
Humanum Review.
Abo Akademi Journal for Historical Jesus Research.
Integritas: ... Catholic Higher Education.
International Journal of Frontier Missions.
International Journal of Orthodox Theology.
Intermtn West Journal of Religious Studies.
Issues in Religion and Psychotherapy.
Jesuit Higher Education : A Journal.
Journal of Amish and Plains Anabaptist Studies.
Journal of Baptist Studies.
Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society.
Journal of Icon Studies (Russian icons).
Journal of Inductive Biblical Studies, The.
Journal of Jesuit Studies.
Journal of Moral Theology.
Journal of Religion and Theology in Namibia.
Journal of Southern Religion (southern USA).
Journal of Welsh Ecclesiastical History (1984-1992).
Journal of Welsh Religious History (1993-2004).
Leaven : a journal of Christian ministry.
Living Tradition.
Lumen et Vita.
Lutheran Quarterly.
Marian Studies.
Marian Library Studies.
Methodist History Journal.
Methodist Review: ... Wesleyan and Methodist Studies.
Missionalia : Southern African Journal of Missiology.
Monumental Brass Society Bulletin.
Mormon Pacific Historical Society.
Mormon Studies Review (mirror).
New Theology Review (Catholic).
Old Testament Essays.
Orthodox Observer (Greek Orthodoxy in USA).
OTWSA (Old Testament).
Pastoral Music.
Practical Theology in South Africa.
Proceedings of the AASR Conference.
Proceedings of the Catholic Theological Society of America (1946-2015).
Proceedings of the Friesian School.
Protestant Reformed Theological Journal.
Psaltiki (Byzantine chant, musicology).
Road to Emmaus : journal of orthodox faith and culture.
Rose+Croix Journal.
Sacred Music (Church Music Association of America).
Scriptura : ... Theology in Southern Africa.
Seat of Wisdom (Catholic).
Stellenbosch Theological Journal.
Studies in the Bible and Antiquity
Studies in Christian-Jewish relations.
Studies on the spirituality of Jesuits.
TC : Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism.
Textus (Bible studies).
Theology in Scotland.
Thinking Faith : online journal of the British Jesuits.
Tyndale Bulletin.
Vincentian Heritage.
Vulgata in Dialogue.
Word & World (Lutheran).
Here's Religion: general: ASIR : Advances in the Study of Information and Religion.
Approaching Religion.
Australian eJournal of Theology.
Australian Religion Studies Review.
Biblical Law.
Collectanea Christiana Orientalia.
Contagion : journal of violence, mimesis, and culture (1994-2004).
e-Journal of East and Central Asian Religions.
Entangled Religions.
Epoche : University of California Journal for the Study of Religion.
Faraday Papers, The (science and religion).
Heidelberg Journal of Religions on the Internet.
HTS Teologiese Studies / Theological Studies.
Int. Journal of Homiletics.
Int. J. for Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society.
Int. Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage.
International Journal for Philosophy of Religion (via Paperity).
Issues in Religion and Psychotherapy.
Japanese Journal of Religious Studies.
Journal of the Irish Soc. Academic Study of Religions.
Journal for Religion, Film and Media.
Journal of Markets and Morality (two issue paywall).
Journal of Near-Death Studies.
Journal of Religion and Business Ethics.
Journal of Religion and Film.
Journal of Religion and Health (via Paperity).
Journal of Religion and Society.
Journal of Religion, Media and Digital Culture, The.
Journal of Southern Religion.
Journal of the British Association for the Study of Religion.
Koers : Bulletin for Christian Scholarship.
Liber Annuus.
Literature and Belief.
Marburg Journal of Religion.
McMaster Journal of Theology and Ministry.
Medieval Philosophy and Theology.
Monastic Research Bulletin.
Merton Annual : Studies in Culture, Spirituality ....
Old Testament Essays.
Open Theology.
Reflections (Yale Divinity School).
Religion and Gender.
Religions : A Scholarly Journal.
Religion & Liberty.
Review of Religious Research (via Paperity).
Sacred Architecture.
Scripta Instituti Donneriani Aboensis.
Secular Culture and Ideas.
Studia Historiae Ecclesiasticae (Southern Africa).
Studies in Comparative Religion.
Studies in the Bible and Antiquity.
Studies on Religion and Memory.
Sydney Studies in Religion.
Symposia : ... Study of Religion at the University of Toronto.
TC : a journal of Biblical textual criticism.
Temenos : Nordic journal of comparative religion.
Theological Librarianship.
Verbum et Ecclesia.
Yale Journal of Music & Religion.

Religion : Buddhist, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, Pagan

Academy for Torah Initiatives and Directions journal.
American Jewish Archives Journal (1948-2012).
American Jewish Yearbook.
Ancient Jew Review.
AJS Perspectives (Association for Jewish Studies).
Canadian Jewish Studies.
CEU Jewish Studies Yearbook.
Contemporary Jewry (via Paperity).
Covenant : the global Jewish magazine.
Dapim : Studies on the Holocaust.
Frankel Institute Annual.
Hebrew Annual Review.
Heritage (American Jewish Historical Society).
ICSM Online Journal (Jewish music).
Genocide Studies and Prevention.
Jewish Bible Quarterly.
Jewish folklore and ethnology newsletter (1978-1986).
Jewish folklore and ethnology review (1987-1996).
Jewish Historical Studies (England).
Jewish History (via Paperity).
Jewish Museum Berlin journal.
Jewish Observer, The.
Journal of the Chicago Jewish Historical Society.
Journal of Hebrew Scriptures  and Archives.
Journal of Jewish Music and Liturgy.
Journal of Judaic and Islamic Studies.
Journal of Textual Reasoning (Jewish textual interpretation).
J. of the Jesus Movement in its Jewish Setting.
Judaic Studies ejournal.
Judaica Librarianship.
Journal for the Study of Antisemitism.
Journal of Hebrew Scriptures.
Journal of Septuagint and Cognate Studies.
Kesher (history of the press in the Jewish world).
Kheshbn (Yiddish literary journal).
Khulyot : Journal of Yiddish Research.
Latin American Jewish Studies Association Newsletter.
Mathal/Mashal : Journal of Islamic and Judaic Multidisciplinary Studies.
Melilah : Manchester Journal of Jewish Studies.
Mendele Review : ... Yiddish Literature and Yiddish Language.
Michigan Jewish History (1962-2009).
Newsletter of the European Assoc. for Jewish Studies.
Nordisk Judaistik (Scandanavian Jewish Studies).
Oqimta : studies in Talmudic and rabbinical literature.
Post-Holocaust and Anti-Semitism.
Quest : issues in Contemporary Jewish History.
Sh'ma: A Journal of Jewish Ideas.
S:I.M.O.N. (Wiesenthal Inst. for Holocaust Studies).
Studies in Christian-Jewish Relations.
Tarbiz : A Quarterly for Jewish Studies.
Tradition : A Journal of Orthodox Jewish Thought.
UCSC Jewish Studies Newsletter.
University of Toronto Journal of Jewish Thought.
Women in Judaism.
Zeek : a Jewish Journal of Thought and Culture.
Contemporary Islam (via Paperity).
Contemporary Islamic Studies.
Critical Muslim.
Current Trends in Islamist Ideology.
Dossiers : women living under Muslim laws.
E. Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law.
ISIM Review.
IRCICA newsletter (Islamic History, Art and Culture).
Islamic Review, The (1913-1989).
JD : Journal for Deradicalization.
Journal of Judaic and Islamic Studies.
Macalester Islam Journal.
Mathal/Mashal : Journal of Islamic and Judaic Multidisciplinary Studies.
Muslim Thinker, The (1989-1990).
Quatar Islamic Studies.
Transcendent Philosophy.
UCLA Journal of Islamic and Near Eastern Law.
Waikato Islamic Studies Review.
Bodhi Leaves.
Britain-Nepal Society Journal, The.
Buddhism and Cultural Heritage.
Canadian Journal of Buddhist Studies.
European Bulletin of Himalayan Research.
Hamburg Buddhist Studies.
Journal of Buddhist Ethics.
Journal of Chinese Buddhist Studies.
Journal of the International Assoc. for Bon Research.
Journal ... Int. Assoc. of Buddhist Studies (3 year paywall).
Pacific World : Journal of the Institute of Buddhist Studies.
Western Buddhist Review.
Wheel, The.
Contemporary Religions in Japan (1960-71).
Japanese Journal of Religious Studies.
Japanese Religions.
Newsletter ... for the Study of Japanese Religions.
Centre of Jaina Studies Newsletter.
Int. Journal of Hindu Studies (via Paperity).
Journal of Bahai Studies (partly open).
Journal of Hindu-Christian Studies (two issue paywall).
Nidan : International Journal for the Study of Hinduism.
Online Journal of Bahia Studies.
Dao (Taoist) (via Paperity).
FEZANA Journal (Modern Zoriastrianism).
Beyond Borderlands : ... the weird, paranormal, and occult.
Esoteric Quarterly.
Journal for Millennial Studies.
Mythological Studies.
Societas Magica Newsletter.
Spirituality Studies.

3 new Ancient Near East series monographs

Household and Family Religion in Persian-Period Judah: An Archaeological Approach
By José E. Balcells Gallarreta, ANEM 18, 2017
download paperback hardcover
Exploring Zechariah, Volume 2: The Development and Role of Biblical Traditions in Zechariah
By Mark J. Boda, ANEM 17, 2017
download paperback hardcover
Exploring Zechariah, Volume 1: The Development of Zechariah and Its Role within the Twelve
By Mark J. Boda, ANEM 16, 2017
download paperback hardcover


Many Loeb Classical Library volumes open-access via Loebolus

Great news: many of the LCL volumes are open access through Loebolus:

Loebolus is based on Edwin Donnelly's “Downloebables”, aiming to make all the public domain Loebs more easily downloadable by re-hosting the PDF's directly, without the need to enter CAPTCHA's.

The list includes many that are directly related to Biblical Studies, e.g., Josephus, Philo.

You can also download a .zip containing all 277 PDF's (3.2GB). Or view the code used for generating this site on GitHub.