Friday, February 25, 2011

The Liddell-Scott-Jones (aka LS) Lexicon is now available online at:

This is the definitive lexicon for Classical Greek as well as for the Septuagint. It is published by Thesaurus Linguae Graecae, the website of which is worth a look:

A blurb from the director of TLG:

The TLG version:

The TLG embarked into this project in 2006. Recognizing the fact that
LSJ is the most central reference work for all scholars and students
of ancient Greek, we decided that producing a fully corrected and
reliably accessible online version with links to TLG texts was a
worthwhile undertaking. The digital LSJ was a natural extension of our
larger and ongoing lemmatization project. In the process of improving
automatic recognition of all word forms in our texts, we have
digitized and extracted information such as headwords, meanings,
grammatical use from a large number of dictionaries. Making LSJ
available to the public was another step in this direction.

Digitization, markup and correction of LSJ proved to be far more time
consuming and demanding from a scholarly point of view than we
anticipated, hence the entire project took five years to complete. The
effort began by extracting identifiable sections of the text, such as
headwords and meanings, that we could proofread using TLG correction
software or by collating multiple digital versions. This approach was
helpful but not entirely effective. Ultimately, the bulk of editing
required a human eye. The final project contains a number of
enhancements compared to the printed version. A number of lower case
or ambigious entries have been converted to upper case and a large
number of typographical errors have ben corrected.A list of Corrigenda
will be posted soon. Sub-entries in the printed edition marked with
hyphens, have been expanded and treated as headwords. Greek words
(both headwords and Greek inside entries), and English definitions can
be searched and LSJ citations are linked to the TLG updated editions
(when possible). Nishad Prakash worked tirelessly to create an
attactive as well as user friendly interface.

We are very pleased to make this invaluable resource available free
and open to the scholarly community.

Maria Pantelia
TLG Director

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