Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2 new open access Hebrew grammars

John A. Cook and Robert D. Holmstedt have kindly made freely available two Hebrew grammars.

The first is Biblical Hebrew: A Student Grammar (Draft Copy, 2009)

This book contains 30 lessens, which represents the number of weeks in a typical US university academic year.

The second is Biblical Hebrew: An Illustrated Introduction
As with the former volume, this text adopts a non-confessional stance and seeks to streamline the grammar to the essentials, leaving it to the instructor to answer questions which students may raise over the lacunae. One example is that it has no formal discussion of weak verbs. Rather this topic is "relegated" to an appendix. It seems to me that the truly unique aspect is coupling the lessons with exercises that have color cartoons and ask students to answer questions based on it. Thus it introduces a visual dimension that may well enhance comprehension. The book has 50 lessons and 13 readings.

This book has two PDF downloads:

Lessons, Appendices, & Glossaries


Their website also announces an instructor's edition to be released this summer as well as information on how to access high-resolution versions.

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