Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Textual Resources from SBL for the OT, LXX, NT, and Vulgate

A collaboration between the German Bible Society and SBL has resulted in a number of resources for textual criticism of the Bible. This includes:

1. A guide to textual research of the Bible with overviews of scholarly editions of the OT (BHK, BHS, and the future BHQ) and the NT (Novum Testamentum Graece and the Greek New Testament):

2. PDFs of the following (without critical apparatuses):
  • Biblia Hebraica Stuttartgensia (Hebrew OT)

  • Septuaginta (Greek OT)

  • UBS Greek New Testament
  • Biblia Sacra luxta Vulgatam (Vulgate)

These resources are available to SBL members only, but SBL offers substantially discounted memberships for overseas students (USD 10) and scholars (USD 15) through its International Cooperation Initiative
which also avails you of many freely accessible scholarly monographs.

Freely available without membership are SBL's Greek New Testament ( and biblical fonts (

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