Friday, August 22, 2014

A New Critical Edition of the Hebrew Bible

Sometime before 2008 a group of scholars began on what is a truly mammoth task: to create a new, eclectic critical text of the Old Testament. The general editor is Ronald Hendel, who wrote an overview, "The Oxford Hebrew Bible," VT 58 (2008): 324-51.

The project has now has the name A New Critical Edition of the Hebrew Bible, evidently reflecting the incorporation of criticism from a number of scholars over theoretical and practical matters.

Of particular importance for this blog is that the new edition will appear first in hard copy, but then in an open-access version that has all of the material in the (presumably) paid version. The downside is that this will take considerable time. Hendel states "a decade," but don't be surprised if it takes a good deal longer. The first book to appear will be Proverbs.

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