Monday, September 8, 2014

High resolution satellite images of ANE sites

From Olof Pedersén <>:

There are two main free sources of (more or less) high resolution
satellite images of ANE. They are quite useful when zooming in on

Google Earth has now for years been a standard tool. The previous low
quality images are now either of high or medium quality.

There are also reference tools like my ANE.kmz with continually
updated locations of ANE sites downloadable at

Apple Maps now has better satellite images for most areas where Google
Earth still is of medium quality. This is the situation for many areas
of ANE. Unfortunately the infrastructure around the relatively new
Apple Maps is for the moment less developed than for the more mature
Google Earth. Therefore, I have not yet figured out how to use
something like ANE.kmz for Apple Maps but hope to be able to return
with a simple solution.

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