Wednesday, March 2, 2016

ICG - Inscriptiones Christianae Graecae

I don't often report inscription resources, but this site looks worthwhile. It is a "database of early Christian inscriptions from Asia Minor and Greece." Free, but requires creation of an account. Here's more from the home page:


The development of the database has been sponsored by the Excellence Cluster 264 TOPOI since 2008. The goal is to collect and document early Christian inscriptions from Asia Minor and Greece. Each entry provides the original text and a translation of the inscription, succinct comments (as applicable), bibliographic references, as well as important information about the date, provenance, and place of keeping of the inscription. Furthermore, the database includes images and/or facsimiles (whenever available) of the epigraphic documents.

Development Status

The database contains so far over 3,100 entries. All of the Christian material from Lycaonia and Phrygia (ca.1,500 inscriptions) has already been entered. To date, about 1,100 inscriptions from Attica, Corinthia, and Macedonia have also been added to the database. Inscriptions from north and south Galatia, Caria, and Ionia, the Peloponnese, and northern Macedonia are currently being processed. The entries are regularly corrected, supplemented, and updated, as required.

Search Function

The database allows simple searches of single terms, be they letter combinations or words, in the original (normalized) Greek (and sometimes Latin) texts and in the German or English translations and commentaries. The database also allows for more complex searches by combining various filters (‘Dating’, ‘Region’, etc.). For more information, please read the detailed instructions under the search tool bar on the inscription list page (URL) by clicking on the question mark sign (?).

Conditions of Use

The database is intended solely for scientific and research purposes and adheres strictly to the German copyrights legislation. Access to and usage of the database must therefore be strictly regulated.

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