Thursday, September 16, 2010

Electronic Resources Relevant to the Textual Criticism of Hebrew Scripture from E. Tov

Emanuel Tov has a webpage with urls to lots of resources for textual criticism. Since many are on a subscription/payment basis and others are to websites that are no longer active (his page was created in 2003), it is somewhat "slim pickins.'" Nevertheless you may find some useful nuggets.

Some of the categories are: I. source texts (e.g., Hebrew Bible [e.g., Leningrad and Aleppo codices], Samaritan Pentateuch, versions (e.g., LXX, Symmachus, Vulgate, various Targumim), modern translations, critical apparatuses; II. morphological analyses (e.g., Hebrew and Greek Scriptures, Targumim and Peshitta); and III. tools (e.g.,BDB, HALOT, Liddell-Scott, BAGD).

Many of the websites have digital images of their respective texts.

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