Tuesday, September 14, 2010

open access: Bible Study Textbook Series

From the homepage of: http://www.collegepress.com/storefront/node/238

Bible Study Textbook Series

Many of you are familiar with the Bible Study Textbook Series (The Old Green Commentaries). These were very popular several years back and many of you have requested copies of these timeless treasures. Because reprint cost are so high we have chosen not to reprint but instead, we are offering them electronically for free. These commentaries are being made available for your personal use. Feel free to download them to your computer. These files are very large and may take a while even with high speed and DSL services. If using dial up service please be aware the your download times may be extensive and you may encounter problems during the download. If you have problems downloading these files you want to consider using a download manager.
Thank you for your interest in College Press.

If my quick glance at Genesis, Vol. 2, is indicative of all of the volumes in this series, the series is conservative in its orientation, that is, the commentaries do not utilize any of the "higher" critical methods such as form- or redaction-criticism.

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